Don’t Let your Child Struggle with Reading

Our phonics teaching can help every child read fluently and confidently.

It's True...

Gaps in your child’s phonics will hold them back in their reading and in all other subjects.

Spelling becomes nearly impossible and they will find ways to avoid reading and writing altogether.

Simple 3 Stage Process

To Boost Your Child’s Reading

Stage 1

We will help you identify your child’s strengths and areas of development.

Stage 2

We help create the best plan for your child’s reading journey.

Stage 3

Teaching, monitoring and accelerating your child’s progress.


At Phonics2Read, we give your child the foundation to succeed in reading and spelling. By succeeding in their phonics skills and learning to read well, they can perform much better in all subjects and succeed in all areas at school.

Makes Reading Easier For Your Child

Increases Enjoyment of Reading and Builds Confidence in School, Boosting Success in all Subjects

Relaxing and Stress-Free Reading and Homework Evenings

Know How Best to Support your Child’s Reading and Spelling at Home

The School No Longer Holds Back your Child Because of Reading Difficulties

Your Child Quickly Attains the Same or Higher Level as His/Her Peers

PHONICS2READ is suitable for children of all ages including those who are:

Struggling with or behind in their reading.

New to the English language.

Needing to catch up with any phonics they missed at school.

Suffering from any gaps in their reading skills.

Looking to quickly progress in their reading.

Our Programs

Choose a program that matches your needs and schedule, from self paced, to group teaching or one-to-one personalised learning. Let’s get your child back on track.

Self-Paced Phonics Course

1:1 Phonics Teaching

Group Phonics Teaching

Find Out

How Other Children Benefited From Our Phonics Approach

An Expert Reading Teacher

Is Ready to Help Your Child Become a Successful Reader